Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Your Man!

Okay, are you ready for this?

No, probably not, but it’s coming anyway...

It’s the Turkish edition of Here Comes Your Man...available in November from Arunas Yayıncılık in Istanbul!

As it turns out, the phrase "Here Comes Your Man" doesn’t make much sense in Turkish, so the publisher has aptly retitled the book Senin Erkeğin Benim or "I’m Your Man." If you’re familiar with the Leonard Cohen song of the same name, I think you’ll agree that it describes our hero Garrett pretty well.

It feels a little strange to have my book translated into a language that I myself can't read, but I’m excited about it nevertheless. I'm so excited, in fact, that I’m thinking of hiring someone to translate the Turkish edition back into English, just so I can see what it’s all about. (Based on the cover, it seems like it might be 25-30% sexier in Turkish, no? I’ll let you know!)

And for any of you who are still convinced that I’m making all of this up, you can now view my book's official listing on the publisher’s website. Believe me now?!?!

I’d like to send warm thank-yous across the Atlantic to Gökhan Fırat, Sevgi Çevik, Alevcan Kol and everyone else at Arunas who worked to make this a reality. As a teenager, I dreamt of writing something that would be read in other parts of the world, but I never really expected it to happen. (And now if I can just convince Sting to hire me as his sax player, maybe my teenage self will finally stop sulking!)