Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Meeting of the Men!

From the beginning, the experience of having Here Comes Your Man published in Turkey has remained stubbornly abstract for me. Since I've never been to Turkey or met any of the other people involved, my whole journey has comprised a collection of e-mail messages and an artist's rendering of the book cover.

BUT...that all changed this week when I received a package from Istanbul. Beneath its brown paper, which bore the tatters of its 5,000 mile journey to Auburndale, were six gorgeous copies of Senin Erkeğin Benim, one of whom you can see above, getting to know his American cousin. (And for those of you who recognize the swanky photo shoot location: Why yes, we did get new placemats! Aren't they lovely?)

I just can't express how pleased I am with the way Senin Erkeğin Benim came out, and how grateful I am to my new friends at Arunas, who did such a wonderful job with the book. I've been carrying a copy around with me ever since they arrived, convinced that if I stare at its pages hard enough, that I'll eventually begin to understand Turkish.

Until that happens, I guess I'll just focus on the few words that I do recognize. As it turns out, Ding Dongs, Double-Stufs, and Froot Loops are the same in every language.