Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'd just finished my lunch yesterday when I heard a heavy KA-CHUNK! at the front door. The UPS guy was already fleeing the scene when I arrived, but he’d left behind the proof of Here Comes Your Man. So here it is, in all of its glossy, paperback glory...

And here's the back cover, complete with one of those oh-so-sexy barcode tattoos all the young books are getting these days...

And the best part—there are lots and lots of words inside! (Very few of them made-up!)

Late last night, Here Comes Your Man spent some time mingling (alphabetically, of course) with the other books in my library. It was gratifying to see them all get along so well. Even Breakfast of Champions behaved itself for once (it went through an ugly little phase where it kept trying to pee on all the other books).

So, am I done yet?

No, not quite. Now I need to read through the proof, just to make sure the printer didn't add any characters or change the ending on me. But barring a nervous breakdown or similar catastrophe, my April 1st deadline still seems to be within reach!


  1. I think your picture on the back needs a smoking jacket with a cravat and you need a pipe too. Oh, and it would look cool if you raised one eyebrow... Sound okay to you? eddo

  2. Great idea, Ed--I just happened to wear my smoking jacket and cravat to work today, so maybe I can get someone to snap a picture on my next smoke-break!